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For Sale - Pinball 

Below are some of the games that will be for sale on Trademe in the near future.

1. ** SOLD ** 1979 Williams Gorgar - First talking pinball. This game is in pretty good shape overall. One of 3 known to be in NZ.

2. **SOLD** 1980 Williams Firepower - Repainted and professionally covered in vinyl graphics. This is another game in good condition for it's age.

3. **SOLD**1972 Williams FunFest - Electromechanical 4 player - rare 4 player EM pinball loaded with features not usually seen all on one game. has some playfield wear but could be touched up. Fully working and re rubbered and bulbed and ready to go.

4. ** SOLD** 1980 Bally Space Invaders - Classic 80's widebody with the Infinity lighting. Great sounds as well. Have some centre playfield wear but comes with overlay.

5. 1976 Williams Aztec - 4 player Electromechanical in good condition, has been rerubbered and bulbed , needs ball count unit stepper attention and a spinner- **SOLD**

6. ** TRADED ** Bally Evel Knieval - currently in a project game state - backglass is in excellent condition , playfield has wear. May come with extra playfield. Another rare Bally game that is one of 3 known survivors in NZ.

7. 1975 Williams Space Odyssey - 2 player Electomechanical game. Internet opinion is that this is one of the best Williams EM games produced. **SOLD**

8. 1991 Bally Gilligans Island - first Dotmatrix game. Cabinet faded but playfield is very good. *** SOLD ***

9. 1993 Data East Tales from the Crypt - *** SOLD ***

10. 1979 Bally Dolly Parton - One of 2 in NZ - a project that I have had for 10 years - time for it to go - Previous owner had stripped the cabinet - playfield rails as well. Made new rails just need installing. Wiring will need to be done for flipper buttons. Has has NOS playfield installed and was mylared. Excellent condition. Original backglass has flaked but I imported a good used one from the US 5 years ago. It's still in a crate and I havent opened it yet. A nice project for someone. ***SOLD***

11. 1976 Sega Explorer - 2 player EM . These unique pinballs always had many features and this one includes up post, ball return and even 2 ball multiball! Playfield is in very good condition for age and Backglass is also in good condition. ***SOLD***

12. 1978 Bally Playboy - classic in good condition. ***SOLD***

13 1988 Bally Escape From The Lost World - cleaned , re rubbered and bulbed. Plays well , great alpha numeric game with the Bridge of Gold. Pics will be uploaded soon. ***SOLD***

14. 1979 Stern Meteor - *** SOLD ***

15. 1979 Stern Trident - *** SOLD *** - playfield is very good for its age.

16. 1993 Gottlieb Gladiators - ***SOLD***

17. 1987 Williams Big Guns - New pinscore display , good condition. *** TRADED ***

18. 1972 Williams Zodiac - Low production game. *** SOLD ***

19. 1987 Williams Banzai Run - Low production game and with the verticle playfield. Extremely hard to find for sale. Some cabinet delamination but game plays well. *** SOLD ***

20. 1975 Gottlieb Out Of Sight - Great drop target 2 player EM pinball with rare left hand return lane as well as a right hand return gate. In good condition for age. ***SOLD***

21. 1993 Data East Jurassic Park - Good condition - plays well - has sound issue ***SOLD***

22. 1979 Bally Paragon - Classic and sought after Wide Body Solid state game. Fully working but has playfield wear. ***SOLD***

23. 1980 Williams Black Knight - a classic game - ***SOLD***

24. 1979 Stern Magic - in very good condition over all ***SOLD***

25. 1975 Gottlieb Soccer - Project game - Playfield and Backglass in good condition ***SOLD***

26. 1990 Bally Dr Dude - Working Project , has some Playfield wear - ***SOLD***

27 1987 Bally Heavy Metal Meltdown.  Cool guitar music and has a 2 and 5  ball multiball.  A very fun game. Has a lit boombox topper.  I have stripped and cleaned the playfield and plastics. Almost certain that this is the only 1 in NZ.  ***SOLD***

28. 1978 Bally Nitro Ground Shaker - Classic Dave Christensen artwork on backglass. Drag Racing theme with sound. Playfield has been mylared from new and backglass has 1 flake that needs repair. This game doesnt come up for sale in NZ  *** SOLD ***

29. 1967 Williams Apollo - small flipper game with rare backglass animation. Playfield is good with some wear between the flippers. Backglass has some fading and paint craze. A sought after game overseas. *** SOLD***

30. 1968 Bally Cosmos - Rare in NZ zipper flipper game that only Bally produced. Has also rare backglass animation of a satellite orbiting. Playfield is in extremely good condition and backglass is average to good. Game has added feature of not only points scoring but fuel pod collection as well.  ***SOLD***

31. 1972 Williams Fantastic. Unusual baroque artwork theme. Playfield is extremely unusual and has a points scoring roulette wheel set into the playfield that can award random awards when activated but also has a pop bumper set beneath the flippers so there is a chance of recovering the ball after a centre drain. Quite cool. Playfield is average to good. Backglass is average wiith some paint missing and crazing.

*** SOLD***

32. 1973 Williams Gulfstream - Single player EM with a Tic Tac Toe system for bonus  scoring. Plastic covered playfield. Slight flaking at bottom of backglass.  Game located and sold to EM collector.

33. 1980 Williams Black Knight - Coming Soon after Star Trek

34. 1994 Data East - Guns N Roses - ***SOLD***

35. 1992 Williams Getaway HS2 - Nice condition - has side art fade ***SOLD***

36. 1992 Bally Black Rose - Pirate theme - LED'd playfield ***SOLD***

37. 1979 Bally Star Trek -  Rare in NZ  - Original Star Trek cast on backglass. Playfield has been stripped and cleaned, new drop targets, standup targets and pop bumper caps .New MPU , Lamp Driver , Power Rectifier Boards ***SOLD*** to classic Star Trek Fan

38. 1980 Bally Embryon - 2 ball Multiball, Speech, WideBody, 1 of 3 in NZ. ***SOLD***

39. 1993 Gottlieb SF2 - Dotmatrix , multiball. ***SOLD***

40. 1993 Data East - Last Action Hero - very good condition - under rated game with plenty to do .***SOLD***

41. 1988 Bally Blackwater 100 - Extremely unique motor cross themed game with multiball every ball ( to simulate racing) Many ramps and tunnels - whole of playfield used ( no apron!) Check the internet for this one.1 of 2 known to be in NZ. ***SOLD***

42. 1970 Gottlieb Baseball - Stored for 15 years - good condition ***SOLD***

43. 1972 Bally Space Time - In very good condition for age. ***SOLD**

44. 1976 Williams Blue Chip -Single player that rates very well on the IPDB. One of the best games at the end of the EM era. ***SOLD***

45. 1985  Williams Comet. Great Amusement park themed game. First game to award 1 million points in 1 shot. In good condition. ***SOLD***

46. 1980 Gottlieb Torch  

47. 1958 Gottlieb Gondolier 

48. 1980 Williams Black Knight - ***SOLD***

49. 1981 Bally Medusa 

50. 1974 Gottlieb Top Score - classic bowling themed game. Available  Late 2022

51. 1980 Williams Firepower -sought after classic- in very good condition. NEW MPU/ DRIVER Board - Almost ready!  ***SOLD***

52. 1993 DE Last Action Hero. This has been in storage for over 10 years! Fully working. Plenty of features - magnets, shaker etc cleaned, new balls , new rings, LED's  **SOLD**

53.  1993 Williams Judge Dredd - A Williams Superpin - in good condition overall. Will be painting the legs and giving it a good clean.  ***SOLD***

54. 1979 Gottlieb Genie- Wide Body game -new MPU nice older game ***SOLD***

55. 1986 Williams Pinbot - First of the trilogy - Good Condition.  **SOLD**

56. 1994 Williams Demolition Man -  Good condition - ***SOLD***

57. 1993 Williams Judge Dredd - Available Late 2022

58. 1992 Alvin G - Al's Garage Band - Only 1 in NZ.  ***SOLD***

59. 1978 Williams Pokerino - Card themed game -  ***SOLD***

60. 1978 Bally Lost World - Fantasy themed game - ***SOLD*** 

61. 1980 Bally Xenon -Fantasy theme. Iconic game with chase lights and  sexy audio.   - Very few in NZ and rarely for sale- Available  2022

62. 1973 Bally Big Top - Circus themed 4 player game - ***SOLD***

63. 1968 Gottlieb Royal Guard - Hard to find small flipper game - ***SOLD***

64. 1973 Gottlieb Pro Football - Nice condition - ***SOLD*** 

64. 1990 Williams Whirlwind - Hard to find System 11  ***SOLD***

65. 1981 Bally Elektra - First 3 level pinball -  Available late 2022

66. 1980 Stern Flight 2000 - Nice wide body - Available late 2022




I  may be open to trades on most of these games - trades must be pinballs however. or Phone 09-272-2142